An Interview with Audience Growth Expert, Stefan Ciancio


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How did you find your purpose? 

I knew that I had a higher purpose than sitting in a 9-5 cubicle. In fact, I wrote a blog post on my personal blog about it back in2013. I even said, “could this really be it?” Little did I know, it would NOT be all there was… little did I know, just 5 years later, I would have been an accomplished online business owners with a whole plethora of high income skills, little did I know I would be my own boss, have generated 7 figures in sales, connected with like minded online entrepreneurs from all over the world, spoken at marketing events in multiple countries…

Little did I know, I would be building the business and the lifestyle I loved and living up to my true potential. I found my purpose was to build an online business I loved, while traveling the world…and helping empower others to know about ALL of their options away from formal education, learn the beauties of self education, and start and grow various full time online businesses and side hustles. 

I was led to this point from what I mentioned above, sitting in a 9-5 cubicle with everyone around me constantly miserable, mumbling things like “the weekend was too short” or counting down the days to retirement. What a horrible way to live. I knew I was not going to be doomed to the same fate. This desire to succeed, fueled by seeing others online already successful and finding comfort in online communities of other aspiring entrepreneurs, really allowed me to get to that point of seeing the clear path I wanted to go. 

What led you to this point?  

I remember waiting for my boss to come in. I was both nervous and excited. My boss was busy that morning- his office door was closed until at least 10:30AM. Only my roommate/coworker at the time knew what I was about to do.

I went in and my boss seemed a little shocked but also seemed a little excited for me. He did ask me to stay a few extra weeks as they were short staffed. 

A coworker came into my cubicle a little shocked at my decision later in the day, I guess word spread. It was one of the happiest and most liberating moments in my life. I felt like I was about to embark on a new adventure, and I did. It felt like I was taking a bet on myself, and thinking about the endless possibilities was amazing. 

How did it feel the day I hit my first 5 figure income month? 

About 3-4 months after I quit my job, I hit my first 5 figure profit month. It was an amazing feeling of accomplishment, and validation that I made the right decision to leave my 9-5. At first, when I quit, the first few weeks were a combination of excitement and fear. I had almost no money saved. The fact of the matter is that this made me tough. It forced me to sink or swim, and it gave me the mental toughness to develop the skills needed to not have to go back to a day job. Some people think they will be helpless when they leave their 9-5, but with the right knowledge and mind set, you actually can end up in the opposite position. At this point I have developed countless skills and a ton of knowledge that would allow me to keep earning money from my business and not have to rely on a 9-5.

It made me resilient. It made me confident that I could do it. 

I saw online that you had helped your friend get a five figure month. What was your process? 

I had helped a friend get to five figures a month and work with one of the bigger names in the internet marketing space. What I told him to do was develop a high income skill (copywriting), and then focus entirely on getting good at that skill and finding people you can help. He would go on Upwork and try to get clients, and it was slow for the first month or so. He was discouraged and wanted to give up. I told him to make sure he was reaching out to at least 5 people per day. Soon enough, he landed steady work with a few clients…and now he has a full time, five figure per month, location independent position with a prominent online agency owner, and looking to go onward and upward.

He did what you are supposed to do. Find the thing that works and then grow it. Do not deviate from doing 40,000 things. This is something I personally still struggle with as an entrepreneur, the shiny object syndrome or FOMO. I want to have my hand in a ton of different things. Unfortunately, this approach just spreads you too thin to really focus on the one or two (or in some cases three) things that if you actually spent all your time growing them, you would see higher results and success. 

Another good story of helping someone was this woman, Tatiana, who had been on my email list for quite some time. We got around to personally talking on FB one day. She was telling me about a skill she had developed, using FB groups to help get easy leads. I knew that this skill was something people would pay money to learn, as it could really open their eyes to ways they can grow their own business by getting leads in the same way. We did a product launch of a video course which showcased a case study of her results and exact instructions of her method. The launch did 1,000+ sales, we only sold it for around $10, but she now had a business. I told her to focus on keeping up to date on that method, and then helping others succeed with that method. 

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