An interview with Dance Movement Psychotherapist and Mental Wellness Consultant, Irene Anggreeni

Our mind is powerful, and it’s never separate from our body. Our body is where we can tap into our innate source of creativity and resilience. Don’t leave the wisdom of your body to go unexplored. Start listening to what your body’s got to say.

Lastly, I notice a pattern in some people in the thinking that they have to struggle all alone. Perhaps because they’ve not yet experienced how it is to feel supported. Yes, self-reliance is a great virtue. Each one of us has to do our own work. However, I sometimes see how this view is often taken to the extreme, that no support from others should be accepted.

We are always interconnected with the people in our life, our surroundings, our family history and so much more we may not be aware of. Even if we don’t like to acknowledge it, we co-influence each other. The journey might feel lonely. But it doesn’t have to be.

It is true that no one else can do the work for us. But in allowing trusted souls in our journey, we become so much richer and more empowered. Life is the practice. Having a supportive tribe strengthens that practice.

6. How do you plan on further growing your business?  

I am growing my group programme, which I call the Healing for Impact Tribe programme. It is a nourishing space for mental health advocates and wellbeing champions from any walk of life. Nourishing in both the senses of co-creating healing together and supporting each other professionally.

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I plan to bring this tribe feeling into more companies. I’ve been helping wellbeing champions inside the company to facilitate more human connection, trust, and community feeling. The personal wellbeing of each individual and psychological safety in the collective are necessary building blocks for healthier company culture. I love to work with leaders who understand this, to innovate their approach so they get concrete and lasting results from their employee wellbeing programme.


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