Chozen Martial Arts Academy Offers Free BJJ Training to Law Enforcement

Chozen Martial Arts Academy has partnered with Adopt a Cop BJJ to provide free Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training to our local law enforcement officers free of charge.

“We teach BJJ to our students for self defense,” owner and Head Instructor Danny Trujillo says. “But police and law enforcement can use the same skills to give them more options to protect and serve our community.”

As police departments nationwide review their training requirements, Brazilian jiu-jitsu has become a prominent part of the conversation. BJJ incorporates a wide array of holds and submission techniques that give officers additional, non-lethal means of addressing resisting suspects while reducing the chances of injury to both parties.

Community leaders nationwide have pushed for police departments to include BJJ requirements to officer training. Former Presidential candidate Andrew Yang has advocated for mandatory BJJ training. In addition, a recently proposed Michigan bill would require Michigan police cadets to obtain their blue belt, the second ranked belt in BJJ after white.


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