Conscious Leadership Expert and Women’s Empowerment Advocate Anjani Amriit Shares Her Success Journey And Secrets


Izdihar: Do you have any free gifts to offer? Example- eBooks, course, pdf etc

Anjani:  Yes I do, enjoy trying out the following items…




Izdihar: How can people get in touch with you? 


Find me on my website: www.anjani


Book a call with me here:


Connect with me on my socials:









–  Youtube:



Izdihar: What do your clients say are the best things about working with you?


Anjani: I’ll let their words speak for themselves:

  • I love that Anjani has a solution for every problem. She doesn’t patronise you, or sit back and listen to you drone away about problems. She is able to pinpoint your present problem and find you a present solution. 
  • Anjani isn’t afraid to draw on her own experiences and journey in her training and mentoring so you don’t feel alone. She also is able to change her program on the fly to meet your current needs. I love how she has a way to address the here and now.
  • Mentoring with Anjani has given me access to a way of seeing the world that was never taught to me before, but makes total sense. I feel that armed with the knowledge that Anjani has given me, I can conquer any challenge- personally, professionally, and emotionally.

Dr Izdihar Jamil

Dr Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D. is an international Media Expert and has been featured on FORBES, FOX TV, TED Ed, NBC, CBS, ABC, Marquis Who’s Who and hundreds of other media. She is also the #1 International Bestselling Author of “Yes I Can! She is an expert in helping Female Entrepreneurs to become the Top Authority in their field and get globally recognized in the media, major publications, TV and magazines.