Damion Lupo, Author of Millionaire Action Plan, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Damion Lupo discusses his approach to helping his clients Break free from Financial Bondage – One Shackle at a Time. During the interview, Damion discusses how to disrupt your thinking with a powerful current example from his own business after recently meeting with one of his mentors during a mastermind.

Damion explained that “while you have to start with a solid financial foundational mindset and vision – a vibrant bigger future, the trick isn’t just thinking about it, you must be prepared to do the work! He says your guide or mentor is the key ingredient as you navigate through the obstacles and unknowns.”

Lupo continues, “I believe every human has a life of freedom and joy awaiting them once they break free from the confusion and chaos of financial illiteracy. By studying and applying my teachings and by answering the questions I ask that tap the inner guru inside every person, you have the chance to tap all the answers – inside you.”




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