Dr. Brian Brown Whose Heart Stopped 14,600 Times Leaving Him Overweight And Depressed Shares His Proven Secret To Recovery

Dr. Brian G. Brown, a medical doctor based in Tennessee, United States, is a functional & integrated practitioner, author, and international speaker and helps clients all over the world who have one goal in common – they want to optimize their physical and mental health so they feel good, achieve their ambitions and create a legacy.

Originally trained in Psychiatry, Dr Brian retrained in functional medicine when he couldn’t find answers to his own chronic, debilitating medical issues. His story of recovering is remarkable. Having suffered with night terrors all his life, at age 45 he suddenly had a night terror during the daytime, whilst driving on the freeway, almost wrecking his car. 

Shocked and worried, he immediately drove to see a cardiologist colleague where he was extensively monitored, and it finally revealed an astonishing oversight from his childhood that was causing his immense problems. At age 5 he had been electrocuted, and at the time was treated for burns and sent home. He then started having night terrors. Not realizing the two events were linked, he suffered for 40 years until cardiac monitoring revealed his heart was stopping several times a night – in total around 14,600 times in his lifetime – which nearly ruined his health. 


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