Elly Charles, Psychic Medium at Light After Life Hits Amazon UK Best Seller List with “Ignite Your Light & Awaken Your Soul”

Elly Charles, Psychic Medium at Light After Life Hits Amazon UK Best Seller List with “Ignite Your Light & Awaken Your Soul”
Welford Publishing Limited congratulates Elly Charles, bestselling author of “Ignite Your Light & Awaken Your Soul” who recently hit the Amazon UK bestseller list on January 18, 2021, climbing all the way to Number One in the Occultism, New Age Occultism, and Inspirational Spirituality categories. The book also reached Number One on the Amazon USA Hot New Releases list in the New Age Divination with Tarot, Health & Spirituality, and Women’s Spirituality categories

Elly Charles’s book is a self-help, spiritual work of personal insights, and powerful practical exercises designed to help people who are feeling lost in a cloud of confusion.

Charles was inspired to write the book after experiencing feelings of being left in the dark with regards to her psychic capabilities. She made it her mission to teach herself in-depth techniques about moving forward along our spiritual pathways.

In response to the book hitting Number One, Charles stated, “I feel absolutely over the moon with how well the book launch went and I am so excited to see how my book impacts so many in a transformational way.”

With the recent news around spiritual enlightenment in the media, “Ignite Your Light & Awaken Your Soul”’s subject matter is a hot topic and a must-read for anyone who is feeling stuck within their spirituality.

Elly Charles, Psychic Medium at Light After Life, IPHM, and founder of The School of Spirituality has developed a wide psychic skillset, resulting in profound and compassionate readings. As well as being a busy mother, Elly also runs through her business, Light After Life, psychic and spiritual development courses, workshops, and retreats.

Elly’s sole purpose is to support people to open up to a higher level of love, and to bring comfort, significance, and clarity to the people she works with. Elly was nominated in, The Soul and Spirit Magazine Awards for the best spiritual retreat and believes that even through our darkest times, we remain guided, and sometimes need a little support to light up the way.

To learn more about, Elly Charles, visit https://EllyCharlesMediumship.com

“Ignite Your Light & Awaken Your Soul” is now available on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08SBX7DNT


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