Learn Secrets on Presenting With Impact from Marketing and TEDx Speaking Expert Minnie Von

By now, the majority of the tech-savvy population knows about TED Speakers and is aware that these fortunate individuals are nominated, and selected, to give a captivating 18-minute speech about any number of topics. The key is, for the topic to be thought provoking and relevant, and the person must be dynamic and know how to deliver a great speech! Sounds easy enough…but that’s not always the case. 

Minnie Von Mallinckrodt-Grant is the founder of Minnie Von Coaching, a women-owned communications consultancy providing in-person and remote training, coaching, and consulting for entrepreneurs, experts and executives who desire having greater influence and impact on their audiences whether that be driving employee performance, acquiring clients, or influencing the board and multiple stakeholders to adopt their ideas to increase growth, performance, or sales.


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