Les Adkins Uncovers Social Media Blunders in Corporate Business

Les:                  Oh, yeah.

Craig:              Yeah, it sounds like when it boils down, getting it right and why social media works, and it does, it really goes down to how social, how communicative you are, how relational you are. In any relationship, the more transparent you are, the more personable you are, the more trust is built. The more you trust something, you want to know more about it, even if you don’t know. The more you know about something you trust, the more you like. That engagement had been consistent in business, since there has been business, whether it be, B to B, or B to C. It sounds like the social media, working for companies or individuals, boils down to the basics and just making sure that you’re consistent, like you said, in your relational engagement with your customer, or client, or end user. You’ll get it right, every time.

Les:                  Yeah.

Craig:              It sound like you’ll get it right, every time.

Les:                  Yeah, I agree. The biggest thing is, I think you summed it up really well from a respective. I think, at the end of the day, that whole statement of, “Treat people the way you want to be treated,” if we go back to our great, great grandparent’s days, if there was a horse thief in town and the preacher, who they trusted, who wasn’t a bad preacher, and the bad preacher’s son sold horses, who you going to buy a horse from. Businesses, now, have to understand that they are looked at as the humans working with the individual, not just the business. Going back to the golden rule, “Treat others as you would like them to treat you,” takes on a whole new meaning in social media, because, now, not only can John and you interact, but the interactions you have with John, may be seen by a hundred, a thousand, five thousand people.

Craig:              Wow.

Les:                  It changes that concept of who’s watching you do what you do and how does that affect your business?

Craig:              That sounds like the biggest difference or change in social media, since it’s been around, since we’ve been a society, is realizing what you do is amplified, ten times, hundred times, a thousand times, and it’s done quickly. It’s almost, as you said earlier, real time.

Les:                  Right.

Craig:              That’s huge for any individual or company.

Les:                  I agree.

Craig:              Well, as always man, it was incredible having this conversation and learning more about how to get it right and Why Social Media Works, and it does folks, it does. Thank you Les.

Les:                  You’re welcome. Thanks for having me.

Craig Williams

Craig Williams is a best selling author and television personality featured as the "Last Man Standing" on NBC's "The Apprentice" with Donald Trump. He is a iReporter for CNN covering business innovators and trendsetters.