Lisa Meisels’ and Donna Burgher’s “Journey Beyond the Veil” Podcast Featured Guest Gayle Nowak to Discuss Healing Invisibility in Your Business

BEVERLY, MASS. – The Journey Beyond the Veil podcast welcomed certified SourcedTM Leader and Retreat Master Gayle Nowak as the featured guest on June 3, 2021 titled Heal Your Invisibility & Lead From Your Whole Heart.

Show guests explore awakening, ascension and the mysteries that lie beyond the veil providing listeners with wisdom and experiential processes so they can expand their consciousness, raise their vibrational frequency and create outcomes from their multidimensional being-ness that will give them an edge in their business and life.

Nowak shared her own experiences connecting with the higher realms, how that has impacted her business and life, and how she helps her clients free themselves from fear and false beliefs so that they can stay visible and grow their business.

“I’ve worked with numerous clients who feel uncomfortable promoting their business and the root of that is often a core wound of feeling unworthy or unlovable,” Nowak said. “I help my clients either privately or in intimate retreats to reveal and breakthrough whatever that core wound is that’s keeping them holding back. Then we move into a visibility plan that aligns with their soul.”


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