Pediatrician Dr. Maria Sylma Tweed Examines The Impact of Eczema for Children and Families on Influencers Radio

On a recent episode of Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, Pediatrician Dr. Maria Sylma Tweed discussed how she is helping families of children living with eczema through education, support, and her award-winning skincare products.

At least one in ten children has eczema, a skin condition that can cause dry, red, itchy skin. Eczema is a chronic condition with no cure; some kids outgrow it, but others have it into adulthood.

During the interview, Dr. Sylma shared how an eczema diagnosis can be incredibly overwhelming and frustrating for parents, especially when they don’t know why their child suffers from the condition or what they can do to help them heal, saying, “To see that your child is uncomfortable, having painful, itchy skin, as a parent, it just breaks your heart. Interestingly, 60% of all eczema cases appear during the first year of life. And out of that 60% in almost half of those cases, eczema develops between two to six months of age, little babies… when parents, especially new parents, see that their child starts having some rashes, they feel like maybe they’re doing something wrong… The number one question, across the board, that parents ask is ‘why does my child have eczema?’ And the second one is, ‘Did I do something wrong?’…That’s when we tell the parents, ‘No, it’s not your fault.’ There is no reason for them to feel guilty.”


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