16 Year Old Schoolgirl Leaps From Classroom To The Boardroom

16 Year Old Schoolgirl Leaps From Classroom To The Boardroom
A 16-year-old Sydney schoolgirl turned savvy online business owner with a creative flair for designing handbags has made it her mission to change the way people travel – launching her first Kickstarter campaign today.

Olivia Piazza, a Year 11 student at school and the founder of her very own online business Olivia Jean, is proving all you need is passion and are never too young to set out on the path to success.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $10,000 in funds to produce Olivia’s newest creation, The New Yorker Tote, with a quality manufacturer.

The New Yorker Tote is a must-have and never been seen before travel bag using only premium materials for those living an active lifestyle but who also want to travel in style.

Specially created and designed by Olivia, the bag is extremely lightweight with minimal weight and compact – making it the stylish solution for an everyday bag.

An avid and passionate traveller, Olivia said she is extremely excited to be able to introduce the world to the perfect lightweight, versatile, modern travel tote.

“I love travelling and that’s why I’ve designed my latest tote bag after New York as I couldn’t find the perfect lightweight travel handbag, which was stylish but practical,” she said.

“If the New Yorker Tote Bag is successfully funded we are extremely confident we will be able to produce the bag and have it to backers by September 2019.

“I’m currently in Year 11 and school does take up most of my day with a lot of study, so I work on business in the early mornings before school or after I have finished my homework in the evenings.

“But when I finish school I want to study marketing at university.” Olivia said she saw a gap in the market for lifestyle accessories that were versatile, good quality, well priced and unique.

“With Olivia Jean I want to empower other young people and show them that as long as you are passionate and have a hard work ethic you can be studying whilst earning an income online and without having to be physically at a part time job,” she said.

“I sell my bags whilst in class and even when I’m asleep, it’s a great way to make an income with limited time.

“Teenage students don’t just have to have the option of working at the McDonalds down the road, they can start their own online business and earn income whilst studying or sleeping.”


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