A Bestselling New Book Can Help To Find Answers in Everyday Life

There are 1440 minutes in a day, and every single one means something. Sadly, though, the messages in the numbers so often seem to be obscured. Having spent her entire life learning to cope with chronic health conditions, Lydie Cerantola-Eid knows just how valuable the guidance from above can be, even when it’s difficult to decipher. So, to help people find meaning in their daily lives, she set out to write a revolutionary new book on numerology that aims to uncover what the universe is trying to say. The result is Expanded Numerology, a comprehensive guidebook that makes life make sense. 

Whether you keep seeing the same time on the clock or your grocery receipts are screaming certain numbers at you, Lydie’s book can help you understand why. Her work is accessible, fluff-free, and packed full of useful graphics. With it, readers can stop questioning what they see and begin finding the precise answers they’ve been looking for. It’s a practice that has helped Lydie herself channel her inner strength during the very worst of her health episodes. Now, in her book, she’s sharing her secrets. Thanks to its easy-to-follow instructions and valuable insights, it has very quickly climbed the ranks of Amazon’s bestseller lists. 


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