Ace Hardware Stores Across America Are Now Selling “Grout Sensation” And “The Grout Brush” That Cleans Grout And Tile In Seconds, As Easy As 1-2-3, Saving Homeowners Time And Money.

Ace Hardware Stores Across America Are Now Selling "Grout Sensation" And "The Grout Brush" That Cleans Grout And Tile In Seconds, As Easy As 1-2-3, Saving Homeowners Time And Money.
As easy as 1-2-3, Grout Sensation cleans tile & grout in seconds!

There are many different products to clean tile & grout floors, but none match the cleaning speed of Grout Sensation Tile & Grout Cleaner. Mold, mildew, grime, wine, permanent marker, stain, you name it, and Grout Sensation can remove it out of the grout. A kitchen tile and grout floor can be cleaned back to looking new, using Grout Sensation along with the Grout Brush that screws onto a mop handle — no more getting on your hands and knees to clean your grout!

1. Pour on grout lines in 10 x 10 ft area.
2. Brush with the brush that screws on a mop handle.
3. Mop 2 – 3 times with fresh water or extract with water and a wet-dry vac.

The Grout Sensation Story:
The owners of USA Chemical Corp. were determined to make a tile & grout cleaner that was powerful enough to clean grout amazingly fast BUT did not harm the grout while cleaning. They knew it would be a significant feat to accomplish this goal. After years of trial and error, the Grout Sensation formula was perfected. Mold, mildew, grime, wine, permanent marker, stain, you name it, and Grout Sensation can clean it out of the grout in seconds.

Major hotels and businesses were the first targets for Grout Sensation. Hotel chains, in particular, have inspections for every part of their hotels including tile floor inspections.

Hilton Hotel was one of the first major hotel chains to make Grout Sensation a preferred vendor product for their hotels. That was over ten years ago. Since then Grout Sensation has been used by every major hotel chain in the USA!

These Are Some Of The Benefits Of Using Grout Sensation & The Grout Brush:

• Cleans grout in seconds
• Light Scent
• Does not harm grout
• Deep cleans years of dirt out of the grout
• Makes dirt float
• Kills mold and mildew
• Safe for any color grout
• Environmentally safe
• Hundreds to thousands of dollars saved by cleaning your tile & grout
• Used by major hotel chains across the USA for over a decade
• Grout brush that screws on a mop handle allows cleaning without getting on your hands and knees

These Are Some Testimonials From Their Customers:

David Knopp – Oswego NY
“I am the manager of Environmental Services in a 160-bed hospital in upstate New York as well as eight other buildings in our system. I was very skeptical when I was approached with the product. I had many experiences with vendors telling me they had the next best product for cleaning grout and tile. They were usually labor-intensive for my staff or the vendor needed to do the work at an extreme expense. When Rick Guarino came to demonstrate his product, I was not expecting much. Was I ever mistaken? He told me that the product would work with a little scrubbing and make the grout look like new. And he was correct. He squirted Grout Sensation on a tile floor in a public bathroom, and you could instantly see the product began to work. He just rubbed the grout line with his finger, and you could see the grout coming clean. This did not take minutes, but seconds to begin working. He then demonstrated the product on grout in a kitchen area that had tan grout lines that had not been tan in many years, and it worked amazingly well. We have since done all of our tiles in our hospital and are extremely pleased with the results. It is easy to use and produces great results. There is no odor, and you do not need any kind of machine to get great results. Again, I am very pleased with Grout Sensation and would recommend it to anyone to give it a try.”

Jk – Oswego NY
“I picked this up in Oswego from a friend who uses it at the Oswego Hospital. They have been using it on the tile floors, and I can’t believe how easy and how clean my tile floors are now. You named it right Grout sensation.”

Kimberly Johns
“I saw this product on Facebook… I have one word “Amazing” You are right, there has been NOTHING out there on the market to clean my grout. It is about time.”

Ronald W Taylor – Roswell GA
“This is by far one of the greatest products in delivering what it promised. It works better than in the presentation. I challenge you to find a better, quicker product!”

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