Adnan Hamidi Follows His Dream Into Cupcake Heaven

Birthday parties are also popular. Not only for adults of course, with Guinness cupcakes, but also for children. Children’s birthday parties, cupcakes seem to be the hit. Same at weddings. We are involved in a lot of weddings where we provide cupcakes instead of wedding cakes, that way people can get multiple flavors of cupcakes and they can have an assortment of different flavors at their wedding.

BIM: Does it get arranged like a wedding cake, or how do you do it?

Adnan: Yes, actually. We have different types of tiers, towers that we arrange them on, so it looks like a tiered wedding cake except it’s made of cupcakes.

BIM: That’s awesome.

Adnan: The other thing we do for quite a bit for different events is arrange cupcakes in different forms and shapes. One of the greatest was where the Washington Post commissioned us to create a flag. It was a very large U.S. flag made out of cupcakes, red, white, and blue.

We were on the front cover of the food section of the Washington Post. It took a while, but what a great product, so they were able to do a photo shoot with that and of course after the photo shoot it didn’t last long.

BIM: Everybody ate the flag.

Adnan: Retirement ceremonies are also very popular, especially with the military, so we do provide cupcakes for those. Of course the red, white, and blue theme with stars. With ample notice we can do different logos and everything as well.

BIM: Wow. Well, you are in a really fun business, and I just am so happy for you, Adnan, because a lot of people dream and think about “wouldn’t it be great if?” But you decided to go on past that and actually make it happen. You have created a great lifestyle business that in fact has become an institution in Old Town, Alexandria. I really congratulate you for that.

Adnan: Thank you.

BIM: If somebody who lives in the area, maybe in Old Town, or even quite a distance away from Old Town, wanted to connect with you, they wanted to get some cupcakes delivered or they want to learn more about Alexandria Cupcake, what’s the best way for them to connect with you guys?

Adnan: The best thing they can do is just pick up the phone and call us at 703-299-9099. If someone’s interested in ordering from us, just look at our website at Just look at our flavors, what we offer, and after that they can either e-mail us at, or they can call us and we will be more than happy to help them.

The best way to reach us is the number, and we can take their order of the telephone very easy, help them out with any questions they may have, any questions about special events.

BIM: Adnan Hamidi, thank you so much for taking the time to share your entrepreneurial success story with Business Innovators Magazine.

Adnan: Thank you so much for the opportunity.



1022 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314
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Telephone: 703-299-9099


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