Ascending Harvest Silent Auction Party to Launch Human-Powered Hydroponics™ Indiegogo Campaign During Hunger Action Month


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Utah inventor, Shane McKenna, Ascending Harvest Founder and CTO, has created an advanced, first-of-kind farming technology that will disrupt hunger by empowering families around the world to grow their own food without any farming experience.

For over 31 years, self-made engineer, artist, and solutionist Shane McKenna has been helping Fortune 500-companies, small businesses, and inventors take their concepts to full implementation. His latest invention, Intelligent Grow Media™, is a radical departure from the norm in farming technology and the foundation for the world’s first Human-Powered Hydroponics™ system.

“The World’s most urgent hunger problem is empowerment,” said McKenna, “some people are completely dependent on charitable assistance to feed themselves.” Inspiration to bring this new technology to the world in a humanitarian way comes from his desire to help young women in developing countries, many of whom must sell their bodies for food in order to survive. Human Powered Hydroponics™ offers a sustainable alternative to standing in aid lines if and when they exist.

With decades of farming experience, McKenna said he’s never seen big-relief agricultural efforts succeed after the resources step away. Developed over the last 20 years, his original models were designed for, and will eventually be used to create precisely controlled plant growth with high nutrient complexity in commercial applications.

Using less water than any other hydroponics system, and no electricity,
Human-Powered Hydroponics™ systems can grow hundreds of pounds of nutrient-rich food for $40 to $50; food that can sustain a family or be sold to earn them a living.

Intelligent Grow Media™ systems can be used with or without soil, but “what’s truly unique about Intelligent Grow Media™,” said McKenna, “is the variable spacing in our fabric weave and the number layers in the system, which creates thousands of water highways that transport precise levels of moisture and nutrients to plant roots. This degree of precision-control simply doesn’t exist in today’s farming technology.”

McKenna’s engineering advancements have allowed him to develop inexpensive food-growing systems that are easy-to-use, set up and maintain. In three simple steps, people without farming experience can now grow their own food. Starting in Africa, the first Human-Powered Hydroponics™ systems will be distributed to those in need using existing aid channels. You’ll find a cordial invitation to help McKenna and Ascending Harvest feed the world, news and updates at

During Hunger Action Month, Ascending Harvest will hold a silent auction fundraiser at the New Golden Dragon restaurant on Wednesday, September 19, launching its Indiegogo campaign to raise $50,000 toward manufacturing costs.

 Human Powered Hydroponics™Features & Benefits:

  • Addresses global hunger problem as one of empowerment at the individual level
  • Portable
  • No farming experience needed
  • Uses less water than any other hydroponic system
  • Fabric weave creates thousands of waterways for precision delivery of nutrients, air, and water to plant roots
  • Wicking action for water absorption
  • Intelligent Grow Media(™) receives water from the base to enhance system efficiency
  • Human powered pump vs. continuous electrical power supply
  • Systems can grow hundreds of pounds of nutritious food for ~ $50
  • Provides an alternative to charitable assistance
  • Growing plants is a proven way to re-sequester Carbon from fossil fuel emissions
  • Creates a path out of poverty for those who need it


Ascending Harvest is feeding the World by revolutionizing the way families grow their own food. Our Human Powered Hydroponics ™ systems offer a sustainable alternative to depending on charitable support if and when it exists.



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