Aerial Recon Media Founder and Owner, James Fernandez, Featured on the DroneCast with The Drone Boss, Damon Darnall

In a recent captivating interview on the DroneCast, hosted by Damon Darnall, James Fernandez, the visionary owner of Aerial Recon Media, shared insights into the evolution and remarkable success of his drone-powered media company. In just a few years, James has made a significant mark in the industry, and Aerial Recon Media has grown exponentially, gaining a diverse clientele that includes renowned names like Ferrari, Miami yachts, TJ Maxx HomeGoods, and a wide array of businesses.

Aerial Recon Media started primarily as an aerial photography and videography business, catering to real estate needs. However, it quickly expanded into commercial photography, video production, and more. James emphasized that the company’s client-focused approach is the cornerstone of their success. Their primary objective is to deliver the promised quality and results that their clients expect.

James Fernandez expressed his commitment to clients, stating, “At Aerial Recon Media, we focus on making sure that our clients’ image aligns with their target audience. It’s all about creating a media package tailored to their specific needs. We’re here to serve our clients and ensure their success.”


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