An Interview With Bestselling Author and Hypnotherapist Vicki Rebecca

Bestselling Author and Hypnotherapist Vicki Rebecca


Tell us about your journey! What led you to this point?  

I smile as I look back on my younger years- colourful, crazy, and impulsive. I had such laughs. Perhaps it was inevitable that I would end up in trouble. I reached a massive turning point towards the end of my twenties; ever since there has been a guidance, an inner awareness, and a willingness to witness, within me. Over the ensuing years I have learned to listen to it. 

Yet it has been through the writing of my memoir, putting the words on paper, standing back to analyse, criticise and edit, that allowed me to ‘hear’ my own journey for the first time. Having others witness the story brought that to a deeper level still. That sharing has allowed me to know my life’s purpose with great clarity. I see it written in my own words and hear it in feedback from others. That has been the most tremendous experience imaginable. 


What has been your biggest achievement?  

Knowing my purpose has allowed me to let go of the illusion that the past could have been any different. I feel this is my greatest achievement as it has brought me great peace. The life I lead now, practicing as a psychotherapist and healer, was only made possible by the journey I’ve travelled. Peace and inner serenity is the biggest result I help my clients achieve too. To feel different, to see things from a new perspective, to walk through life at ease with yourself and those around you.


What would be your biggest piece of advice for readers who want to achieve the same?  

Each of us have a very different journey to truly authentic living, it takes honesty and courage. The biggest mistake I see people making is not listening to that inner voice. You know when you have that feeling– not this person, not that deal, maybe just not that pair of shoes… but do it anyway. That always leads to trouble. Find a way to check in with yourself, acknowledge that voice, thank it, and its messages will become louder and stronger.


What are the biggest mistakes you see people make and how can they be avoided?  

As a therapist I am acutely aware of the hidden stories that hold us frozen in conflict. My advice for those reading this is– get it out! Whether in the privacy of your journal or a safe space held by trusted hands, get it out. I see so many clients suffer with that ‘one thing,’ maybe the mistake they made way back when, the unspoken secret, or the difficulty they suffer daily from someone close: find a way to get it out.


Congratulations on your international bestselling book, Naked Truth. I read it and it’s phenomenal! What gave you the courage to write such a bold book? 

There are many reasons why I chose to write such a bold book. The impact my truth had on others right from the start was very motivating. My highest goal in sharing my full uncensored truth is to empower others to feel brave, release shame, and honour every part of themselves. So there could be no hidden secrets, it simply had to be no holds barred. I feel it is my part in creating a future where authentic and honest collaboration allows us to grow beyond previous limits. From feedback I’ve received I know that my call back to life inspires others to live their lives more authentically and passionately and that is the legacy I want to leave to every person whose life I touch.

Yet of course I was scared knowing how utterly blind the world can be and how awkward its relationship with truth. Nevertheless, I was at the point of no return, I longed to open eyes, spark new conversations. I knew my why and nothing would stop me. Reading my own story, I feel that my whole life was moulded for this moment. Now that it is out there for all to see, I feel so excited, grateful, jubilant… 


Is there anything else you want to say to our readers? 

People are ready to hear truth on this level, they want it. I have had nothing but positive feedback and admiration, I couldn’t be happier. 

I would urge readers to see for themselves the transmutation of my life and to know that if I can, they can too. 


Where can the readers find you and your book? 

You can find Naked Truth: Diary of a Glamour Model here:

Or at your local Waterstones! 


Luana Ribeira

Luana Ribeira is a best selling author, international speaker and host of business Innovators Radio.