Annissa Deshpande, Founder of lōglab & Author of “The Comeback,” Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast About Harnessing the Competitive Advantage of Modern HR

Annissa Deshpande discusses her approach to HR by stating, “HR sucks. . .but it doesn’t have to!”

Lōglab helps businesses modernize HR to grow revenue and create a place where people love to work. They teach that HR is a revenue and resource driver rather than a resource taker. The most successful executives and HR professionals have shifted HR to focus around two core ideas – create a great experience for employees and align HR to achieve business goals which result in increased revenue and success for the business. Treating people well and building a winning workforce isn’t hard… but it is when HR is focused on the wrong things. At lōglab they help businesses modernize HR to attract and keep the most talented employees, enabling further revenue and growth.

Annissa explained that “The Comeback is not just another business book… through a fictional story, this book will help you implement the fundamentals of modern HR, harness the competitive advantage of modern HR, and utilize HR to achieve business outcomes and grow your company.”


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