Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur Teresa Grosbois Teaches the Art of Influence

Tracy: Was there a specific moment when you knew you wanted to create your own business?

Teresa: It was more of a specific moment when I knew I wanted to create my own life.  I was in the most difficult time of my life, within the space of a year my father passed away, my marriage ended, my company failed and my health was in a spiral.  I was doing some DIY renovation on my condo at the time.  This particular day, I was sitting on the bathroom floor surrounded by tools and the thought hit me that I was the one who needed renovation.   I realized that even before all of this, when I was outwardly at the height of my success, I still hadn’t been truly happy and I wanted that to change.

I made myself into my next project.  I started taking every self-help course known to man.  I got a lot more serious about my health and I started choosing to build the life I wanted.   An important part of that life was having my own business.

I had taken a job to support my family during this time and now that I was a single mother, the thought of stepping away from that to start my own business felt terrifying.  Instead, I took a leave of absence so I could have a safety net while I tested the waters.  After a few months, I had a positive cash flow and I was hooked on the freedom and empowerment it gave me.  I left my job and I’ve never looked back.

T. Allen Hanes

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