Be Cool For The Summer With Sleep Zone’s Yogurt Cooling Comforter

With over 40 years of experience in bedding product design and the new fabric innovation industry, Sleep Zone always stays one step ahead of every trend. Their goal is to provide customers with the best sleep of their life through the latest technology and innovation. 

Their new product, “Yogurt Cooling Comforter” provides sound sleep by helping to fight heat and keeping customers cool. The gray side of the comforter is made of 50% nylon & 50% polyester blend, a Cool-to-the-Touch fabric. Then, it is created with a “jersey-knitting” process that keeps it sturdy and durable for years to come. This summer comforter will provide customers with the best sleep of their lives. Free of perspiration and no sticky feeling. A really cool blanket for hot sleepers!

The yellow side of the comforter is made from 45D double-brushed polyester, also treated with the jersey-knitting process. It feels silky smooth and feels as if you are sleeping on a cloud. This comforter is not only ideal for summer but also provides warmth during cold seasons. Hence, it serves multiple purposes in one form. 

This quilt is filled with premium microfiber and protein fiber from soy. Fluffy and breathable, lightweight, and doesn’t react or harm any type of skin. The experts at Sleep Zone have curated it with an ergonomic zoned design. It ensures the filling is evenly distributed after many washes.

Customers can use it both separately or with duvet covers by inserting it and securing it with the 4 corner tabs. One can snuggle cozily on the couch or bed with this comforter, or take it along on a car trip, air travel, and camping vacation. It is named “Yogurt Comforter” because it’s as revolutionary and cool as a yogurt. 

Not only this, but this comforter also uses soy fiber which is used for the insert. That imparts the softness to the comforter, makes it eco-friendly and makes the product more breathable. This is done using highly-advanced technology to ensure that you get the best result.

Sleep Zone’s new comforter checks all the boxes: Eco-friendly, ergonomic, and affordability. 

It can be a great gift for someone who loves to sleep or take naps during different times. With one of the largest textile factories in the world, Sleep Zone ensures that every problem is solved with utmost diligence and out-of-the-box ideas. 

Sleep Zone is here to create “New Comfort” and provide its customers with the good night’s sleep that they deserve. Sleep is an inherent part of life. Sleep deprivation happens due to several reasons, one being uncomfortable mattresses or comforters. This gradually ascends into critical problems over time. Recognizing the importance of sleep, each product by Sleep Zone aims to bring technology into the bedding industry, and remove the hurdles during sleep. Their new “Yogurt Cooling Comforter” is surely an addition that everyone needs to wake up with newfound energy and vibrance in life. You can check out the Yogurt Cooling Comforter here


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