Beenie Mann, Founder of Matters of Perspective, Launches Innovative Platform That Will Disrupt The Coaching Industry

Beenie Mann, Founder of Matters of Perspective, Launches Innovative Platform That Will Disrupt The Coaching Industry
Beenie Mann’s recently launched coaching platform, at, aims to change the way coaches and clients find each other and how they will interact. It’s designed to provide greater benefits, to coaches and clients, than the typical coach/client relationship.

There’s an abundance of coaches ready to help with challenges ranging from business to wellness and more. This can make finding the right coach very challenging.

The value of having a great coach was mentioned by the legendary UCLA basketball John Wooden when he stated,“A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life.”

“We want to let the world know that we exist and there is now a company offering coaching solutions to the 95% of the people who want coaching but have limited budgets,” Beenie Mann stated.

The initial areas of coaching which will be offered by Matters Of Perspective’s coaching platform include:

  • Life skills
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Health, Fitness, Wellness
  • Career/ Work
  • Professional Skills
  • Business

“We offer Coaching Solutions for life, business & everything in between. Earlier this year I had an idea and ran with it. As a result, I am opening the new program where everybody wins, clients and coaches alike. The idea was born from my own struggles over the years searching for solutions that make sense and let me stay within my means. The program is a step toward solving issues I had on both sides, as a client and as a coach,” Mann added.

This platform also benefits coaches as a way for them to earn extra money, build credibility and more visibility. Matters Of Perspective pays its coaches 60% of the deliverables they provide and get paid hourly for the 6-month and group coaching services. All the coaches will be listed on the website and promos.

“One Vision. One Mission. One Dream. One Team. That’s my slogan and I want to infuse that into this business,” Beenie commented.

Matters Of Perspective pricing and structure is based on Beenie Mann’s experience as a coach and client.

Client coaching options include:

  • 6-month one-on-one coaching
  • Group coaching via monthly membership in area of choice 
  • One-and-done purchase of coach provided webinars and online courses

Once the clients pick the area of coaching they want, they will be matched with the coach that best matches the client’s needs.

“We currently have 16 coaches in various areas on board with more signing up continuously. We already have one of our coaches from outside the United States.” Beenie Mann concluded.

A recent article on the Financial Times website stated, “Having a coach was once a sign of weakness in business. But now it is like an athlete using a trainer.”

For more information on Matters of Perspective coaching platform visit: or send a message to


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