Bestselling Author and Consultant Emily Allen Shares Her Tips To Balancing Family And Her Dream Career

Allens empowering chapter shows entrepreneurs how to wake up to who they are and their desires using practical, actionable strategies. Break free of traditional planning and shift towards a new way of thinking. She teaches balance in a businesswomans life among structure, flow, and purpose with ones vision.

Mothers are often told to choose between their desires and becoming a mother. Sacrificing one or the other isn’t necessary!” –The Art of Success in Business and Motherhood

After spending two decades working in corporate as a project manager, Allen discovered she needed more flexibility and control in her career. She now focuses on helping other business owners incorporate solid processes and strategies to maximize ROI while creating more space in their lives. Multiply progress, reduce stress.

My favorite part of working together was identifying and defining what I am doing with my time and knowing that we were organizing this all in a way that will support revenue development.” –Jessica K., Life Coach, USA, Client

Working collaboratively with her clients to make a difference in peoples lives is important to Allen. Not only does she show up for her clients one-on-one, offering the care and support they need, but she is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and do the work alongside them. To her, good business is about building relationships and customizing support.

You can have it all, you just have to define what allmeans.” –Emily Allen


About Emily Allen, Operational Strategy Consultant

Allen’s roots began while growing up on a farm. Decades of experience in corporate set the stage to allow her to grow her own business, helping countless female entrepreneurs and moms just like her. This foundation gave her the know-how to partner with creative CEOs, big-hearted business owners, and growing entrepreneurs in the service industry to optimize their operations and grow beyond what they had ever dreamed possible.

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