Bestselling Author Janis Renay Schiffner Shares Her Success Secrets and Inspiring Journey

1. Find out what it is that energizes you, motivates you and keeps you moving forward.

2. Ask yourself “Was this a win or did I learn a lesson from this”.  Either keep doing what you were doing or correct your course but the bottom line just keep going.

3. Fear and excitement are neighboring emotions. Try flipping the switch to change your vocabulary and mindset to both vocalize and recognize that fear is simply excitement. This excitement will allow you to forward and face next step challenges. Understand that by facing fear,you will open yourself to even richer rewards and greater opportunities ahead.

Bottomline:  Just keep learning and keep moving forward. 

Izdihar: What is your secret to balancing your family, business, and ME time?

Janis: I can honestly say that over half of the people I know that are remarkably successful at work may not be the most balanced. However, I personally have found that spending time with my now grown-up son allowed me to provide him confidence in himself and he has now created his own phenomenally successful life with both his career and family. I know for myself personally that I either need to take breaks, vacations, and time off or have faced becoming run down, burnt out or ill. For me, it is much more enjoyable to take time to relax on a beach or in a new country than be required to take forced rest at home or in a hospital.

Izdihar: What is one key action that anybody can take today to move closer to their goals?

Janis: Write your goals down, create a vision board and/or journal. There is magic that takes place when you know what you want, ask for it, and believe in it into reality. Focus your mind on believing it is possible and have your actions align with it succeeding. The first step in reaching a goal is believing you can achieve it, thinking about how it will feel, and then doing it!

Izdihar: Do you have any free gifts to offer? 

Janis: The first ten people that reach out to me via email will receive a signed copy of one of my books:  “Women Who Lead Volume 2”, “The Game Changers”, or “She’s a Boss”.

Izdihar: How can people contact you? 

Janis: You can reach me at LinkedIn: or by email

at I have a new website under development which will be available soon.

Izdihar: What do your clients say are the best thing about working with you?

Janis: I am a cheerleader at heart. I stand behind you when you want me to be and in front of you when you need me to be. We are all in this together. We do not have to do this alone. 

And always remember, that I believe that you are closer than you may currently think! The good news is that a sales coach can help you recognize that and encourage you on your own unique journey!

Dr. Izdihar Jamil

Dr. Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D.—#1 International Bestselling Author of Money Makers, TV Show Host and Visibility Expert—has appeared on FORBES, Fox TV, and She helps leaders to be SEEN, HEARD and CHOSEN as the go-to experts in their field with proven, predictable and effective methods. She’s also the Curator for TEDxHuntingtonBeach. She lives in California with her husband and children, she loves baking and reading. More info on Izdihar: