Big Idea Launchpad Helps Women Entrepreneurs Unleash their Business Excellence

Big Idea Launchpad Helps Women Entrepreneurs Unleash their Business Excellence
Denise Mortimer is the brains behind the program. Nearly three years ago, at age 50, she founded Fearless Enterprises after stepping away from her corporate job to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. The company is an online business and professional development coaching organization that caters to women who want to start or have recently launched a business.

Mortimer says that her clients are often those who have marketable talents but have spent most of their lives doing for others and put themselves last. She helps them break out of limiting thinking while teaching business development skills to support their success.

“Women – especially those of us of a certain age – are needed in the entrepreneurial work space. In the UK, only one third of new businesses are started by women and that needs to change,” said Mortimer during recent interviews on Business Innovators radio and in Small Business Trendsetters magazine.

Mortimer is a walking example of how well her strategy works. In the short time since she started Fearless Enterprises, she has developed a reputation as an industry innovator with an enviable record of accomplishments. She is a noted NLP master coach, positive psychologist, speaker and author with a trail of satisfied clients to her credit.  


“With the new Big Idea Launchpad program in particular, my clients get to reap the benefits of my own trial-and-error and accumulation of best practices from the past three years to improve their income and catapult growth,” Mortimer explained. “I have a skill for helping them identify what truly sets them apart from the competition then I teach them how to market that to attract customers.”

“I spent 23 years in the public sector because I was so unsure of how to run a business. When I finally took the leap, there was no stopping me! My biggest goal is to help women turn from dreamers to doers and to know that there is no right time to take the risk, you just have to put one foot in front of the other,” she added. “The monetary rewards are wonderful but it’s the personal satisfaction that is priceless.”

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