Black People Forward Launches Fundraiser for Black Students to Provide Emotional Wellness Program

Los Angeles, CA – Black People Forward launches a new program for Black students who lost a parent or caregiver to COVID-19.  BPF restores racial identity, rebuilds emotional wellness and helps Black youth & young adults realize new ways to make a living.  BPF is rallying the Black community, organizations,  associations and individuals together who want to support the rebuilding of Black youth’s mental and emotional wellness.

October marks World Mental Health month and BPF is kicking off their Moving Forward initiative for the Black community, the campaign is titled, Checking In- “You Good Bro, You Good Sis” and will run through the end of 2022.

BPF helps Black Millennials and Gen Zs navigate the choices, challenges and changes they face in today’s world and the non-profit is seeking donations and partners to launch its program.  The Moving Forward initiative is for Black youth with a goal to help 10,000 Black students between the age of 8-24 understand the health impacts that may have attributed to their loved ones dying from Covid-19.

The students will learn about ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and extended ACEs as well as receive other culturally designed therapeutic experiences that will equip them with approaches to deal with their grief and manage their mental health.

We must address the mental health of Black youth and young adults with a tailored approach. We need mental health programs that recognize the specific experiences of Black children who lost loved ones to Covid and the many other implications that have affected their life,” said Lisa C. Williams, CEO of Black People Forward.

The COVID Collaborative released the Hidden Pain report:  Children Who Lost a Parent or Caretaker to COVID-19 and What the Nation Can Do to Help Them, that stated,

“The vast majority of these children do not require treatment in a clinical setting. But all of them require loving people in their lives who understand the depth of their loss and are dedicated to their well-being. This may come from extended family, peer support groups, grief camps, or mentoring programs. In every case, we need to act quickly to provide these children with the tools of resilience.” 

There are several ways to support the fundraising efforts for Black youth to aid in ensuring students receive the proper care. Individuals can

  • Rally Associations members to donate
  • Celebrities & Social Media Influencers join BPF on IG live and “Check In “on their fans and followers and bring awareness to the campaign for Black youth
  • Lead a fundraising team
  • Check In on a Black youth

All contributions will be used to fund efforts to provide mental health resources, programs and support to Black youth & young adults.

To assist in fundraising, donate to 

About Black People Forward 

Black People Forward aims to restore racial identity, rebuild emotional wellness, and show Black youth and young adults’ new ways to earn a living (get the bag). We provide culturally focused and evidence-based experiences to help Black youth achieve better outcomes as adults. BPF is a new project, fiscally sponsored by F.L.O.S.S. – F & L Support Services. Donations are tax-deductible.


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