Brooke Elder Network Marketing Mentor Coach Reaches 3 Amazon Bestseller Lists in two countries with Local Business Mavericks Volume 19

Brooke Elder Network Marketing Mentor Coach Reaches 3 Amazon Bestseller Lists  in two countries with Local Business Mavericks Volume 19
Network Marketing Mentor Brooke Elder, hit #1 on the Knowledge Capital category Best Sellers List on July, 06 2018 for the release of Local Business Mavericks. The book also ranked No. 1 in the Urban and Regional category on

Local Business Mavericks Volume 19, is a compilation of 1 on 1 conversations with some of the top entrepreneurs in their industry. Each contributing author reveals their strategies for helping overcome the toughest obstacles standing in the way of their customers success.

Brooke Elder, “Well, I think this is one of the biggest mistakes that network marketers make is they get so excited about their opportunity and all the possibilities that they just want to talk to everybody about it.  Think about, if anyone else started a business and they want to come and talk to you for an hour about their business it just wouldn’t turn out well. For some reason, in the network marketing world, that’s actually what they’re told to do, and so this is a perfect example of the old-school ways and tactics that companies are teaching their people on how to market. I find it interesting that they’re called network marketers, but really, their marketing is not the greatest.”

Brooke states, “Yes, I do offer one-on-one coaching, and usually my one-on-one coaching clients are people who, either they’re really high up in their network marketing business and they really need that personal touch, or they’re not in network marketing at all. I actually work a lot with real estate agents on helping them put this same system together, because it works no matter if you’re trying to get network marketing customers or if you’re trying to just get customers in general, it’s all about creating that system and this touch system so that way they are able to get the clients, not just get them as leads but then nurture them throughout the sales process.”

Brooke Elder was born an entrepreneur starting her first business at the ripe age of 9.  She went on to start and run several successful businesses. Before she founded Social Tenacity she discovered a product she loved and built a very successful business with a large Direct Sales Company where she lead and trained over 10,000 consultants.  This is where her love for helping other Network marketers grew and she built her duplicatable online system. 

Brooke helps Network marketers overcome the stigma associated with this type of business by helping individual break the mold of “My company” by teaching them to develop their own mission and brand.

Her expertise and knack for automating almost every part of the business has transformed the lives (and businesses) of hundreds of people going through her program. Brooke is a learner and has mastered so many skills including Facebook advertising, business development and has earned her MBO. This makes her a dynamic and sought-after Mentor in her field.

Brooke Elder
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