Business Brokers, Intermediaries, and M&A Advisors Discuss The Great Resignation and Selling A Business Today On New Radio Series

Mark Imperial, host and media contributor to numerous Business programs heard nationally to feature Business Brokers, Intermediaries, and M&A Advisors discussing the current state of selling a business today.

Describing the interview series, Imperial explained, “This wasn’t a topic we could tackle on our own, so my team is reaching out to Business Brokers, Intermediaries, and M&A Experts across the United States and asked them to give their insights into selling a business in today’s economy, and related issues.”

This interview series is important because Imperial shared, “The Great Resignation is a big topic in the news. For folks considering selling their business, there are more interested buyers in the market today. For most folks leaving their corporate jobs in search of a business to buy, they need to know what to consider. This series aims to shed light on both sides of the opportunity.”

“Our post-pandemic interview series has been popular and we do our interviews over the web so we can feature professionals from all around the country.” Imperial continued. “Having covered Elder Law and Financial Planning over the last couple months, the state of Business Buying and Selling is a series I am very excited about covering next.”

Business Intermediaries, Brokers, and M&A Advisors who are interested in being featured on the program can learn more at:


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