Business & Life Coach, Lindsay Andreotti Discusses How She Helps People Feel Empowered To Create A Life They Love

Lindsay is showing people that they have the power to transform any aspect of their life, she works with organizations on team building and with individuals on getting what she calls a Ph.D. in themselves so that they can find their true purpose, and then be in service to humanity. Many people at some point in their life will feel stuck in some way and Lindsay has developed processes and tools that get them unstuck and past any obstacle. She does this through coaching, courses and live events. The result is her clients have more confidence and more capacity to fulfill their dreams than ever before. They feel like they are now equipped to make positive things happen in those circumstances that arise that before would trigger them and cause roadblocks. They feel empowered to create a new life that they love.

I sat down with Lindsay to learn more about how she helps her clients.


How do you assess the challenges and roadblocks that are keeping your clients from reaching their full potential?

Jeremy Baker

Jeremy Baker has a passion for helping his clients get recognition as experts in their fields. His approach to interviewing helps his clients tell their stories and talk about their unique set of experiences and backgrounds.