Career Transformation Expert, Laurel Rutledge, Reveals Formula For Discovering How To Light Up Careers

Career Transformation Expert, Laurel Rutledge, Reveals Formula For Discovering How To Light Up Careers
Laurel Rutledge, a former HR executive, got an undergrad in accounting and an MBA, but she always wanted to be a therapist. It wasn’t necessarily about the therapy, but it was about understanding where people were and what their stories were and how to help them work through issues. 

“And in HR, while there’s the tactical stuff, what it really is, is about helping companies really get the best out of that human capital assets. And so it really seemed to work through this whole crazy career trajectory to wind up in HR,” said Rutledge in an interview on Inspired Living TV hosted by Keri Murphy. 

Laurel Rutledge explained that people tend to do what the world says they’re supposed to do.  Things like get a job, go to work and get a paycheck. 

“I was supposed to do better, climb the ladder, and get the VP job. That’s what I was supposed to do. And nowhere in there is anything related to your gifts or things like: what do I want to do and how do I want to serve,” Rutledge said.

Rutledge talked about how when people are not in an environment where they can show up authentically, they are not bringing all their gifts to the table and will never be truly happy or fulfilled.  Additionally, she was caught up in making sure she was present for everyone at work. 

“That’s great, and it’s beautiful. There’s a reason on the airplane they tell you to put your mask on first. If you’re not taking care of you, you can’t take care of everyone else. And I just decided that I was more important than the title. I was more important than the job and even in some respects I was more important than the team that I built, and I loved that team. I worked really hard to get them there and they’re fantastic, fantastic people. And I was trying to lead them from completely empty and it wasn’t fair to them,” explained Rutledge.

After going through her own career transformation, today Laurel works with successful people who are on a career path that no longer feels right.

Murphy asked if the her typical client is looking to navigate through the corporate ladder or are they looking to go out on their own. 

Rutledge answered, “It tends to be a little bit of both. The person I’m working with has been really successful. They have been along a path that they thought was the path they wanted and all of a sudden something just isn’t feeling right.”

However, she doesn’t tell her clients what their job should be, or what company they should go to. 

She asks questions about what builds her clients up, what gives them strength, and what gives them strength.  Then she helps them figure out how to make it work from where they are at that time.

“And maybe it’s just a different job. Is it time to do something different or is it time for you? You know what, let me just stay here a minute because I’ve got a plan and whatever that is, we work through that process so that you’re no longer feeling overwhelmed. You’re no longer feeling frustrated and you know for a fact you’re not crazy,” said Rutledge.

For her clients, it’s not about necessarily leaving their job or career. It could just be a pivot within the organization that says when a role is not like they thought it would be. Possibly someone that was promoted into a management role, but realized they don’t like running teams. So, they know they need to take a step  back to a place where they thrive.

Rutledge also hosts a weekly podcast, The Rutledge Perspective that gives tidbits about how to maneuver through listeners’ careers.

“Nothing is black and white. There are always shades of gray. Yes. And you get to pick your shade of gray for that day. And so the whole purpose of The Rutledge Perspective is to truly give you a different perspective about something you may be experiencing that may just take the temperature down a little bit, get you out of that rut, or off of that hamster wheel  or talk you back off that ledge”

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