Carlos Siqueira Motivational Speaker Will Be Inspiring Entrepreneurs to “Dream Big & Keep It Real” At Ryan Long’s City Summit Event & Fundraising Gala On February 21-24, 2019 In Burbank, California

Carlos Siqueira Motivational Speaker Will Be Inspiring Entrepreneurs to “Dream Big & Keep It Real” At Ryan Long's City Summit Event & Fundraising Gala On February 21-24, 2019 In Burbank, California
Carlos Siqueira is internationally known as “The mentor of the highest paid coaches, consultants, and speakers in the world,” who holds several Certifications on Accelerated Performance, Speaking, Consulting and Strategic Intervention. He is also the bestselling author of the book “Work Like an Immigrant: 9 Keys to Unlock Your Potential, Attain True Fulfillment, and Build Your Legacy Today!”

Siqueira says, Inc Magazine ranked City Summit the #1 MUST ATTEND EVENT for entrepreneurs this year.”

The Annual City Summit & Gala will be from Thu, Feb 21 – Sun, Feb 24 at 2500 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505

The City Summit Event is a world-class socially conscious business acceleration experience. The Summit’s mission and the outcome are to elevate each of its attendee’s business acumen by giving them tools, techniques, knowledge, insights, motivation from multiple 7-10 figure earners, CEO’s, investors, and inspirational heroes so that they grow their network and accelerate their business.”

City Summit wants attendees to learn, grow, and thrive, so they are better positioned to make a meaningful impact in their communities. A select group of pre-qualified entrepreneurs will also be able to pitch and present their businesses to investors live and in person!

City Summit invites proven business leaders, strategists, and business owners to teach our community how to increase revenue, generate leads, diversify revenue, establish authority, raise the value of a business, elevate brand awareness and concentrate on hyper-growth.

The topics of the event range from Leadership, Innovation, Marketing, Business Fundamentals, Operations, and Inspiration.

The ultimate goal of the City Summit is to fund the City Gala on February 24, 2019, which takes place on the evening of the Academy Awards from 7 pm-midnight. City Gala is a fundraiser for non-profit organizations that have a mission to solve global challenges. Each year, the Gala raises funds for organizations that are feeding the hungry, sheltering homeless, liberating and rehabilitating young people that have suffered from human trafficking, providing education and mentorship programs, and promoting health and wellness initiatives.

Here is the list of the Host & Moderators, Headline & Spotlight Speakers, Founders of Billion Dollar Brands, Humanitarians & Experts. With a live performance by Tony Lucca from “The Voice.”


  • Greg Reid – Secret Knock
  • Michelle Marie Matich – City Gala
  • Ryan Long – City Summit


  • Les Brown – Motivational Speaker & City’s 2019 Legacy Honoree
  • Colin Farrell – Golden Globe Winning Actor & City’s 2019 Inspiration Honoree
  • Allison Larsen – Speaker’s Coalition & Author, Soul Intuition
  • Kevin Harrington – Original Shark Tank & Inventor of Infomercials
  • Randy Jackson – American Idol
  • Mario Lopez – Extra TV
  • Lynn Rose – Launch You Now & Host


  • Abigail Grace Garland – Peace Through Participation Project
  • Alex Mojtahedi – Plug & Play Investments
  • Ben Rode – Synergida
  • Bernardo Moya – Best You Expo
  • Brian Mac Mahon – Expert Dojo
  • Carlos Siqueira – Inspirational Speaker
  • Dannella Burnett – Encore Elite Events
  • David Fagan – Icon Builder Media
  • Dom Faussette – Think React Lead
  • Marlena Linton – Purpose & Passion
  • Dupe Aleru – Motivational Speaker
  • Galina Lipina – Effective Freedom
  • Gerald Rogers – The Mentor Academy
  • Jill Lublin – PR Strategist
  • Kaya Redford – Global Transformation Academy
  • KC Wisdom – Pitch Global
  • Ken Rochon – The Umbrella Syndicate
  • Leila Entezam – Lezam
  • Lika Osipova – Female Empowerment
  • Melissa Hull Gallemore – The Ripple Effect
  • Michelle Marie Matich – Intuitive Guide
  • Steve Nickerson – Rapid Mind Solutions
  • Tracy Hazzard – Brand Strategist


  • Alec Stern – Constant Contact
  • Brian Smith – UGG Boots
  • Frank Shankwitz – Make A Wish Foundation
  • Jeff Hoffman – Priceline


  • Chris Salem – Empowered Fathers
  • Dale Godboldo – International Arts & Philanthropy Foundation
  • Forest Harper – INROADS CEO & City Gala’s 2019 Hero Honoree
  • Gary Miller – Rock Against Trafficking
  • Mark Hattas – Journey’s Dream
  • Meiko Taylor – Selah Freedom
  • Michelle Seiler Tucker – Tucker Teens & Tots
  • Ryan Long – City Summit & Gala
  • Shelly Hart – Giving Hart
  • Tamara Hunter – Service Heroes
  • Tim Ray – United Intentions
  • Vanessa Fune – Tribe Unity


  • Alain Torres – Genesis Doctor
  • Berny Dohrmann – CEO Space
  • Chanti Niven – Captivating Speakers
  • Damien Elston – EYE Consulting
  • Dave Austin – Extreme Focus
  • Daven Michaels – 123 Employee
  • David Corbin – Mentor
  • Antoine Chevalier – Chevalier Foundation
  • Freddy Behin – The Legacy Millionaire
  • Hillary Taggart – Mentorship
  • James Dentley – NBC University
  • Gene McNaughton – The Sales Edge
  • George Chanos – Seize Your Destiny
  • Jen Du Plessis – LAUNCH!
  • Joby Weeks – Investor
  • John Shin – Think & Grow Rich: The Legacy
  • Katerina Cozias – Media Mindset Mentor
  • Kristin Grayce – Health & Lifestyle Alchemist
  • Kuo Yang – Brigade LA
  • Lora Polowczuk – Priority Retreats
  • Michael Packman – Keystone National Properties
  • Michele Malo – Your Business Accelerator
  • Peter Nguyen – Ad Exchange Group
  • Randy Morgan – Artist
  • Scott Kelly – VC Fast Pitch
  • Stephen Howard – Leadership Syndicate
  • Steven Lloyd – Stone Bay Holdings
  • TR Garland – Leveraging LinkedIn

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