Carol A Santella And C&G Small Business Association Join Business Innovators Magazine To Assist With Vast And Unforeseen Changes Affecting The Hospitality, Holistic And Integrative Medical Industries

Carol A Santella of Interviews to Fame™ confirmed the official launch of a focused global search for restauranteurs, integrative and functional medicine professionals to partake in a Special Project that will assist peers, customers, clients and patients with issues ranging from staffing, consumer spending, health safety, self-care, acquisition and retention to adjustments needed in marketing and advertising as well as addressing the very important patient and customer experience.

This will be followed by inclusion in a News Release shortly thereafter and a full positioning and publicity package to be included for those participating in the project.

What is being sought for now are comments, input, shared successes, pivots, strategies, innovative ideas. Explaining the search process further, Santella commented: “This isn’t a complicated process, but a critical and specific process.”

This search hasn’t and will continue not to involve just anyone in these industries.

Several industry leaders have already expressed interest and have also shared their insights and truly valuable comments and ideas.

Regarding the health industry, one insight given by Geoff Martha, Chairman and CEO, Medtronic shared Davos agenda

“Systemic socioeconomic, racial, geographic and even generational factors all contribute to reaching – and maintaining – good health. We must step-up to close the gaps, particularly with the rise in chronic disease posing a significant public health threat. Barriers to education, diagnosis and treatment must be urgently addressed.”

Addressing the hospitality industry, Maria Pearman, Beverage Practice Leader, GHJ shared:  “The industry has been incredibly resilient, especially manufacturers who also have a retail outlet. The pandemic forced companies to think creatively about how to get their product into the hands of consumers when the neighborhood retail outlet was no longer an option. Many restaurants and processors showed an amazing degree of creativity to keep their workforce and used those employees in new and different ways in the face of local and state regulations that changed rapidly. Yet, the COVID story is not finished being written. Subsidy funds are drying up and now will truly be the test for small businesses.”

Santella concluded: “We are seeking self-aware and evolved professionals who demonstrate their position as true advocates for the success and wellbeing of the industry, their peers, patrons, patients and clients for a true win-win result.”

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