Certified Women’s Wellness Coach Shari Johnson Reveals Holistic Strategies for Fighting Midlife Fat on Influencers Radio

Midlife, for many people, is when the battle with the body kicks into full gear.  It’s when losing weight and keeping off gets harder and harder. It’s also when getting rid of that belly fat becomes less about vanity and how one looks and more and more about how one feels—especially for women facing menopause. Energy levels and self-confidence can begin to drop noticeably, and the impact can take a toll, physically and emotionally.

Unfortunately, it’s a struggle that a lot of women deal with privately. 

On a recent episode of Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, Certified Women’s Wellness Coach and founder of Happy Vibes Health Shari Johnson discussed how she is helping women to naturally balance hormones and release stubborn midlife belly fat. 

During the interview, Shari explained why it can be harder for people to lose and keep weight off as they approach midlife, saying, “One of the things that happen as we age is that our metabolism starts to slow down. Now, estrogen, which is actually a sex hormone that is present in both men and women, will help regulate your metabolism. So as a woman is going through perimenopause, estrogen is starting to fluctuate, kind of going up and down that roller coaster, her metabolism gets a little bit messed up and it’s much easier to start gaining weight when you weren’t really gaining that weight before. Another thing that starts to happen is an event called estrogen dominance. Instead of estrogen being in balance with progesterone and testosterone, it’s really becoming the dominant hormone and that is going to promote insulin resistance. Insulin is another one of those hormones that kind of gets involved in this whole belly fat issue. Insulin, which is a hormone produced by the pancreas, is released in response to dealing with the blood sugar that we have going on and getting it into ourselves for fuel. Anything that’s extra, as far as blood sugar, the insulin, which is also known as a fat-storing hormone, is going to go ahead and pack that away in fat, and one of its favorite places to pack it is in the belly… Additionally, for both men and women, as we age, just as a species, our testosterone continues to decline. As that starts to happen, our lean muscle mass starts to also decrease and that will also have an effect on how well we are actually burning our fat.”


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