Chesand Gregory Launches ‘Conscious Me’ To Empower Conscious And Ambitious Women

Chesand Gregory launched the new community educational platform for ambitious and conscious women Fall 2022 – Conscious Me, on November 19, 2022, to empower women and children from all walks of life through engagement, education and empowerment.

Launched by the CEO of JChess Designs, Chesand is recognized as one of Canada’s most influential millennial women. Chesand has received Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Award and recognition from the Government of Canada, 2022, honouring excellence and service to the community.

Through community partnerships, Conscious Me was supported by allies on a mission to make a difference, including the Hilton Hotel, RBC, Co-operators and Esma Jay Creations. The impactful and enlightening launch was led by the keynote speaker, Samera Zoberi, an integrated health coach and Melissa Walker, medical professional and founder, of Melly’s workshop, in response to sustainable efforts, an engaging eco-activity, brewing bio-friendly bath bombs. Women and children were very proud of creating all-natural, handmade, self-care products.

Conscious Me is an ever-growing platform empowering women to confidently tap into their intuitive selves. As a change agent, Chesand’s mission is to continually push the boundaries of innovation and the way forward, fostering confidence in conscious and ambitious women – wherever they are on their journey – to achieve their goals while empowering children to be modern-day superheroes.

Why Conscious Me? According to research, women’s health got worse in 2021.”The economic and psychological burden of the pandemic will weigh down many households for a while, and we know that it particularly affected women,” said Gertraud Stadler, director of the Institute of Gender in Medicine at the Charite hospital in Berlin.

According to a Gallup survey that factored into the Global Women’s Health Index rankings, women were more stressed, worried, sad and angry in 2021 than at any other point in the past decade.

The study indicates ‘The world is failing women’ however, Gregory believes with the ‘Conscious Me’ platform and small actions showcased in her award-winning and bestselling books, “Did Santa Wear A Mask?” and “Birthday Wish” inspired by her children, other women and children can tap into early preventative behaviours alongside joint actions to make a difference. 

With the support of a member of Parliament, Jean Yip, a conscious woman, community allies, parents, and educators, Chesand has established a track record of being a young leader and professional who is committed to making a difference in the world through philanthropic efforts to leave a legacy, empowering women and children at the local and global levels.

When asked what inspired her to create this platform, Chesand Gregory said, “After ten years as an educator spanning from high school to preschool and a mother of two young children, I have listened to the voices of women and children around the world and want to bring my unique secrets out of my home and into the homes of other women to use one strategy at a time. In this way, other women will be empowered to harness their intuition and protect their temples.” 

About the Conscious Me Initiative:

“Conscious Me” is a diverse and inclusive community-building educational initiative to empower conscious and ambitious women with effective cutting-edge strategies and top-rated tools to change the status quo through engagement, education, and empowerment.

With a sustainable global health approach, conscious and ambitious women are encouraged to take small steps to make a difference by committing to preventative health and wellness while empowering the next generation as modern-day superheroes and superheroines.

About Chesand Gregory:

Chesand Gregory is an enlightened, thoughtful, innovative and forward-thinking woman who is on a mission to reshape the parenting journey for conscious and ambitious women. Chesand is an international public figure, best-selling author, award-winning educator, philanthropist, wife, and mother of two who successfully flourished into entrepreneurship in 2015. 

As the founder and CEO of JChess Designs, she created conscious products to empower women and children. On the heels of this success, Chesand authored her second bestselling book, “Birthday Wish?”. She continues to improve women’s and children’s lives through other initiatives and as a change agent, creating a legacy of giving to multiple charities at the local and global levels.  Like Helen Keller, Chesand believes that “together, we can do so much more.”

For more information, visit or @themarvelouschessiglori  on Instagram.


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