Chris Stevenson, Owner of Stevenson Fitness: How to Grow Your Fitness Business with Member Experience

Chris Stevenson is a 20-year veteran of the health and fitness industry who owns and operates Stevenson Fitness. He started his club five years ago in a 2000 square foot studio that quickly flourished. It became the place to train if you were serious your health and fitness. To accommodate his club’s growth, Chris moved into his current location which is a 7500-square foot full-service health club that is consistently rated as one of the most welcoming and enjoyable in the business. The facility invites people of all ages and abilities to improve their health and fitness so that they can look better, live better and, most importantly, feel better.

I met with Chris at the Club Industry Show in Chicago and asked him to discuss how member experience fueled his club’s success, especially with members who are over fifty.

Phil Faris: Chris, tell me a little bit about your background and your fitness business.

Chris: Originally, I was an athlete, a competitive martial artist; I fought Olympic style Taekwondo. I grew up in Ohio and moved to California after I graduated. Totally on accident, fell into stunt work, no pun intended. Maybe pun intended. I got on the kids’ show, Power Rangers, so I stunt doubled for the kids’ show, Power Rangers, did all their live appearances, tours, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and all the shows. I think it was a smooth transition from Power Rangers spandex to group exercise in personal trainer spandex.

Phil Faris

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