Cognitive Behavioral Expert, Allyson Roberts, Spearheads New Collaborative Writing Initiative, Hitting Eight Amazon Best Seller Lists With New Book, Behind The Power

Allyson Roberts’ recent release, “Behind the Power: Raw Courage to Triumph Over Challenges and Connect with What’s Possible,” hit eight best seller lists at its debut on September 14. The book climbed all the way to number one in the categories of Women’s Spirituality, Spiritual Gifts, Faith and Spirituality, Spiritual Growth, and Conduct of Life and Spirituality. The book also was top ranked in the categories of Personal Transformation & Spirituality, Personal Growth, and Spirituality and appeared in the number one position on seven Hot New Release lists.

In response to the success of the book at its debut, Roberts commented, “People are thirsty for a new way of dealing with old problems. When we were introducing the book to the world, prior to its release, the anticipation was nothing short of spectacular. What Behind the Power provides, especially right now, is the opportunity for the reader to see themselves in every story. This is important because when we know that we aren’t alone, we start to believe that we can overcome our obstacles. This is why our book was so important for me to lead, and why it’s making a huge wave across the globe. It’s a refreshing take on trauma and how to finally heal it. People need this more than ever and we are here to make sure that happens.”


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