Corinna Fieger, Broker Associate with Colorado Home Realty, Interviewed on the Elite Real Estate Leaders Podcast

Corinna Fieger discusses constantly learning and sharing in the Real Estate industry. 

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In this episode, Corinna emphasizes the significance of staying updated with knowledge and market trends to effectively educate prospects and clients. She highlights her brokerage’s excellent practice of providing weekly emails with market updates and numbers, which helps them stay informed about the current state of the market. Additionally, Corinna personally takes classes and actively pursues learning opportunities to expand her knowledge. She recently attended a class on how methamphetamine is impacting the homes she sells, which provided her with valuable information she wouldn’t have known otherwise. By staying up to date with knowledge and market trends, Corinna can better educate her clients and assist them in making informed decisions.

Corinna acknowledges that the real estate industry is constantly evolving, and to educate prospects and clients effectively, it is crucial to stay up to date with knowledge and market trends. The guest commends her brokerage for sending out weekly emails with market updates and numbers, which greatly aids in staying informed about the current state of the market.

Corinna also highlights the importance of building strong relationships with clients and going above and beyond in service as key factors in becoming a successful realtor. She mentions that at her brokerage, exceeding expectations is the norm for everyone. She provides examples of how she goes the extra mile for her clients, such as cleaning houses, disposing of items, painting, and performing yard work. By taking these additional steps, she believes she can provide a higher level of service and foster stronger relationships with her clients.

The guest also emphasizes that she views her clients not only as clients but also as friends and colleagues. She makes an effort to meet for coffee or lunch and even celebrate significant milestones like the birth of her clients’ babies. She underscores that the real estate process is not merely a transaction but an opportunity to build lasting relationships with her clients.

Corinna said: “We are a full-service brokerage. Everyone I work with there just goes above and beyond what you would typically think a realtor should do. I mean, I’ve cleaned houses. I’ve taken stuff to the dump. I’ve had colleagues who have painted and done yard work for their clients. I think we just take it one step above. And then I feel like, well, now those people are my friends, too, and colleagues, and I go out to coffee with them and to lunch, and I celebrate the births of their babies. You build a relationship, which is super exciting. It’s just not a transaction. You’re building a relationship.”


About Corinna Fieger

A natural teacher and facilitator, Corinna is happiest when helping others. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education and was an elementary teacher for about 20 years. Perhaps that explains her unusual amount of patience! She loves helping her buyers find the perfect home and will search for and show as many as it takes to get there.

When it comes to sellers, she is a go-the-extra-mile kind of gal. Whatever is needed, Corinna doesn’t hesitate to dive in and help. She has been known to mop floors, clean out storage units, and even maneuver through a dirt crawl space to check out a water heater! While initially, she may seem reserved, as you get to know her, you’ll see her outgoing nature, as well as her creativity and kindness. She would tell you that being kind is one of the best things you can be! Inspired by honest and hardworking people who tend to see the bright side of most situations, Corinna wants to create a positive experience and help as many people as possible achieve their goals of homeownership.

A self-described homebody, Corinna appreciates more than most the importance of feeling comfortable and secure at home. She wants every client she works with to feel the same and to be educated and confident in their real estate decisions. When she’s not rolling up her sleeves to create a world-class experience for her clients, you will likely find Corinna at one of her kids’ sporting events including soccer, volleyball, track, and basketball. Her household also enthusiastically supports all Colorado sports teams! When time allows, she loves hiking with her family, watching movies, playing games, walking the dog, or getting lost in some good historical fiction. Her creative outlets include organizing events, painting, interior design, baking, and cooking. She hopes to travel to all seven continents in her lifetime. She’s well on her way, having visited four: North and South America, Europe, and Australia. In the meantime, she and her family take lots of road trips around the US including her home state of Wyoming and the Black Hills of South Dakota where she has family roots. What is Corinna most proud of? Her kids. They are growing into kind, smart, creative people. Words Corinna lives by: If you don’t start, you won’t arrive. Take a deep breath, continue on, and persevere!


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