Dave Skattum, 4 Pillars of Men’s Health, Interviews F-16 Fighter Pilot Brian Grasky About His Journey to Triathlon and Endurance Coaching

After watching friends succumb to poor health and be cut down in the prime of their lives, Dave Skattum knew he had to make some major changes in his own life to see his dreams come true. After ten years of grueling work, not only did he make some miraculous transformations, but he also found his passion in life: To Help Men Take Steps Towards Good Health.


In this podcast interview, Dave Skattum and Brian Grasky talk about his journey to Triathlon and Endurance coaching, the health benefits of Triathlon, and advice for men wanting to get healthy again.

Brian’s 3 step secret for getting back in the game is

  1. Know where you are
  2. Gain motivation
  3. Take action


Grasky commented: ” I was an elite amateur and professional triathlete. I was a mountain bike racer and have been a member of both Team USA and the Air Force Triathlon Team, but now my passion and focus is coaching.”

Contact Brian at Brian@graskyendurance.com & www.graskyendurance.com


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