Default Industry Leaders Book ‘Foreclosure Tails’ Debuts at No. 1 Best Seller on Amazon for Real Estate Sales and Selling, Urban & Regional Economics,  and Econometrics

Default Industry Leaders “Foreclosure Tails — A Day in the Life of a REO Broker” was No. 1  Best Seller and No. 1 Hot New Release in several categories including Real Estate  Sales and Selling, Economics Development, and Growth, Economics Urban and Regional, and Econometrics. 

Default Industry Leaders Authors in order of chapters include Kristen Conti, Lana Cook Detro, Alyson Silverman, Kimberly Brunson, Tammy Seymour, Jennifer Patnode, Louis Fontaine, and  Brandy Nelson. 

“As a group of practicing REO Brokers, we had a shared vision to collaborate on the creation of this book, “ said co-author Kristen Conti, Broker-Owner of  Peacock Premier Properties, Englewood, Florida and Co-Chairwoman of Default Industry Leaders.

“ We wanted to educate and entertain simultaneously by demystifying the many questions people have about the buying and selling of REO properties.”

“Our target audience is very diverse. First, we wanted to give potential buyers, including end-users and investors some perspective on the process,”  Conti said. 

“Second, would be our asset managers and clients whom we are privileged to serve. We know they have so many choices when selecting the right agents to manage their portfolios. We, as members of Default Industry Leaders, take great pride in the quality and experience of our members,” she said. 

The purpose of the group is to support other REO brokers, to open the doors to newer agents who may wish to break into the default segment of the market but have been denied access, and to market Default Industry Leaders effectively to potential clients and the buying public. 

“Lastly, we also want to be viewed as people who have the whole package and the personalities that work best to serve this unique part of the real estate market. We want to educate in an entertaining way without ever disparaging a property or a client,” added Conti. 

“Our desire is to be cooperative and helpful to all the other Realtors out there who bring us their buyers and may need some guidance with the sales process,” said Lana Detro, Broker-Owner of Ala Carte Realty in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Co-Chairwoman of Default Industry Leaders.

Conti and Detro are joined by co-authors  Alyson Silverman, Kimberly Brunson, Tammy Seymour, Jennifer Patnode, Louis Fontaine, and  Brandy Nelson.  

“Foreclosure Tails: A Day in the Life of a REO Broker”  is designed to be both educational and entertaining with real stories and adventures from each of the authors.  

The entertainment chapters include: “Hurry Up and Wait” by Kristen Conti; “Hoarding, Haunting, and Dead Man Walking”  by Lana Cook Detro; “Nine Cops Guns Drawn, 8 Chickens A-Laying, 2 Evictions and a Partridge in a Pear Tree”  by Alyson Silverman; “How to Win Friends and Influence Foreclosured Home Buyers in Today’s Marketplace” by Kimberly Brunson; “Tails of the Wild” by Tammy Seymour and Jennifer Patnode; “Someone Has to Clean Up the Mess” by Louis Fontaine, and “Challenge Accepted” by Brandy Nelson.  

The educational chapters include market updates for each location represented by the authors, client testimonials, and a glossary of default industry real estate terms.  

About Kristen Conti 

Kristen Conti has been a Realtor since 1993 and works side by side with her husband Dave who joined their business in 1995.  She received her broker’s license in 1995 and the two opened their first independent brokerage.  Her career has been dedicated to serving her customers and clients with a servant leadership style.  Relational real estate has always been a cornerstone of her business. She currently owns and operates Peacock Premier Properties where she and her team serve Charlotte and Sarasota Counties as well as Gasparilla Island and Boca Grande in Lee County, all of which are on the Southwest Coast of Florida.  

About Lana Cook Detro 

Lana Cook Detro is the Principal Broker for Ala Carte Realty and specializes in REO bank foreclosures. Lana started her real estate career in Austin Texas. Originally from Indiana, Lana returned to Indiana with her family in the early 90s.  

About Alyson Silverman 

Over the course of her real estate career, Alyson Silverman, Keller Williams Calabasas Estates,  has consistently been awarded for her sales production. She credits her success to her focus on continuous improvement, negotiating skills, and commitment to providing her buyers and sellers with the information and tools they need to make sound decisions. 

About Kimberly Brunson 

Kimberly Brunson, principal broker/owner of Hunter Real Estate acquired her Kentucky Real Estate Sales Associate License in 1998, her Kentucky Brokers license in 2001, and her Florida Brokers license in 2018. From the founding of Hunter Real Estate in 2001, Kimberly focused her attention on the effective marketing, listing, and disposition of foreclosed residential properties in the central Kentucky area. 

About Jennifer Patnode and Tammy Seymour 

Jennifer Patnode and Tammy Seymour have more than 36 years of selling real estate and 28 of those years selling Bank Owned Properties, doing BPOs, working with Investors, and buying and selling Upscale Homes at Desert Dream Realty. 


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