“Deploying High: The man, the mission, and the story behind Project Lifesaver International” by Chief Gene Saunders and Nora Firestone to be released as a Kindle Book on Amazon on March 15th, 2023

Originally published in 2019 in print form, the authors chose to publish “Deploying High” through Blue Ocean Publishing Group, which added a kindle version of the book for the first time.

“Deploying High” provides an insight into the life of Chief Gene Saunders and his leadership journey in developing Project Lifesaver International into the leading force in special-focus search-and-rescue for the cognitively impaired. The book reveals the strategies and tactics Saunders developed as a SWAT team commander in local law enforcement and how he adapted those tactics to save lives and bring loved ones home.

Chief Gene Saunders stated, “I’m thrilled to see ‘Deploying High’ now available on Kindle. By making this book more accessible, we can spread the word about the critical mission of Project Lifesaver International to an even wider audience. I believe that everyone should be aware of the life-saving work we are doing, and I hope this book helps achieve that goal.”


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