Direct Bed Launches a New Product Line of Mattresses

Direct Bed Launches a New Product Line of Mattresses
Canada—Direct Bed recently launched a new product line that it calls the Pure Zee Mattress Collection. It is a brand that is marketed as a high-end mattress that comes with 100 days of guaranteed exchange.

The collection has received positive reviews, with consumers citing fast delivery and high quality as common satisfiers. 

Located in Stoney Creek, Direct Bed is a bed specialist that offers free delivery within a specific range-, provided that the purchase is above $249. The company is also known for providing affordable mattresses to the masses for less than $69.

All of its products, along with the materials used in them, are made from Canada. Apart from offering free shipping, the company also provides consumers with the option to pay online or pay on delivery. 

New Pure Zee Mattress Collection Uses All Natural Materials for your Mattress

The Pure Zee collection is comprised of three main types. These are the Hudson Suite, the Louise Suite, and the Logan Suite.

The Hudson Suite is made of bio-foam and cool gel. The fabric used is upholstery grade, and one can expect to experience a luxurious quality with this mattress. The value proposition of this model, among other things, is that it offers ultimate comfort at a price at an economical price.


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