Direct Bed Launches a New Product Line of Mattresses

Direct Bed Launches a New Product Line of Mattresses
Canada—Direct Bed recently launched a new product line that it calls the Pure Zee Mattress Collection. It is a brand that is marketed as a high-end mattress that comes with 100 days of guaranteed exchange.

The collection has received positive reviews, with consumers citing fast delivery and high quality as common satisfiers. 

Located in Stoney Creek, Direct Bed is a bed specialist that offers free delivery within a specific range-, provided that the purchase is above $249. The company is also known for providing affordable mattresses to the masses for less than $69.

All of its products, along with the materials used in them, are made from Canada. Apart from offering free shipping, the company also provides consumers with the option to pay online or pay on delivery. 

New Pure Zee Mattress Collection Uses All Natural Materials for your Mattress

The Pure Zee collection is comprised of three main types. These are the Hudson Suite, the Louise Suite, and the Logan Suite.

The Hudson Suite is made of bio-foam and cool gel. The fabric used is upholstery grade, and one can expect to experience a luxurious quality with this mattress. The value proposition of this model, among other things, is that it offers ultimate comfort at a price at an economical price.

The pillow layer itself is one inch in thickness and contains Canadian Gel Foam for added comfort. The base of the mattress is a thick bio-foam, a kind of foam that is self-sealing. It is made of space-filling coagulant that also promotes health as it has antibacterial properties.

The second class, which is the Louise Suite, has similar properties with the previous one, albeit it has anti-microbial bamboo and silver quilting. The foam of this model is encased. While the Hudson Suite also has bamboo quilting, it has no anti-microbial properties.

The last model, the Logan Suite, has an added layer of latex, which adds cushion points to the mattress, which allows for a more comfortable and restful sleep.

Beat the Top 10 Internet Mattress Deals with the Pure Zee Mattress collection

The Pure Zee Collection is sold at a cheaper price compared to other brands that offer the same quality and comfort. Priced between $500 and $1,400, Direct Bed is competing against the following brands selling at different price points for the queen-sized bed.

Brands like Casper and Douglas are selling in the low $700 range, while Endy, Silk and Snow, and Hamuq, re within the $800 and $850 price range.

Among the top ten brands, the most expensive are Cocoon by Sealy, Tuft & Needle, Fleep Mattress, Bloom by Sleep Country, and Serta Bed in a Box. These mattresses cost at least $900. 

Direct Bed offers everything that you can find in any mattress store. One of the things that the company offers is same-day delivery, and it makes it easy for its customers to choose a mattress through its online store.

The company’s website is equipped with a store locator, and it will help customers find out the nearest Direct Bed store should they want to check out the mattress in person. 

Apart from the Pure Zee Collection, the company offers a wide range of products from mattresses to frames to linens. One can also buy pillowcases, compatible sheets, and mattress protectors from the online store.

Direct Bed does not only sell mattresses and relate products but also provides tips to its consumers about how to take care of their bed.

The online store has a blog that provides its consumers and patrons regular updates about what is new, sales and promotions, and more importantly, technological and personal tips that have something to do with sleeping and beddings.


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