Don Purcell CPA, Certified Kingdom Advisor and Founder of Clarity Business Coaching Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast.

Don Purcell discusses his approach to helping his clients apply Biblical wisdom to issues faced by business owners to achieve predictable success–consistent results and growth.  

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Purcell explained that ” As a small business coach, my vision is to guide clients toward good stewardship over business resources. This means making the most of what God has given you. Instead of wasting your Time, Talent, or Treasure, good stewardship leverages these three T’s for optimal value.”

Purcell continued, “it’s more important than ever to define your company’s core values to not only survive this tough time but thrive when it ends. Core values are what define your company and your culture. They guide your decisions for hiring, firing, and how your business will grow. During these tough times, when you may be struggling to get out of the valley, realize that you are being shaped and molded for the better


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