Dr. Cali Estes and Jenny Fontana Introduce “The Essentials Bundle” – A Blueprint for Life Design

The dynamic duo of transformational life coaching, Dr. Cali Estes and Jenny Fontana, founders of Unpause Your Life, have launched an innovative offering: “The Essentials Bundle.” This comprehensive bundle is designed to unlock your full potential, conquer fears, and overcome life’s obstacles.

Dr. Estes stated, “The Essentials Bundle represents a significant milestone in our journey of personal transformation and empowerment. We’ve condensed the most valuable knowledge and techniques we’ve gathered over the years into this offering. It’s about providing individuals with the tools to unlock their potential, overcome obstacles, and shape their destinies.”

Unpause Your Life, a life coaching program that transcends traditional training, offers a suite of techniques used by top performers to achieve more, attain freedom, and create wealth. Its unique approach includes the FLOW System, BluePrint for Life Design, The Magnet for Unlimited Abundance, the 4-Step Life Coach Method, the Secret Triangle, Mental Housecleaning Technique, the 3 C’s for Rapid Transformation, and harnessing the Law of Attraction.


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