Dr. John Demartini Turns Set-Backs into Come-Backs in The Law of Brand Attraction 2

Setbacks in life are common. Individuals who view those setbacks as comebacks and opportunities for life-changing transformation however are not so common. For those individuals, they possess a true gift! At 17, Dr. John Demartini received what would turn out to be the greatest comeback and opportunity in his life. As a middle-school dropout, John gave in to learning difficulties and allowed them to create his identity. Life became incredibly challenging, and he was in desperate need of change and inspiration. His prayers were answered by Paul C. Bragg, a lecturer who was able to provide one simple message to John in just one hour that changed his life and would ultimately enable him to turn a setback into a comeback. Dr. John’s incredible story of triumph is shared in The Law of Brand Attraction 2, published by the motivating Founder of The Visionary Hub and Brand Builders Club, Sammy Blindell.

Paul’s presentation inspired John to believe that he could overcome his learning challenges and become an intelligent person able to read, write and speak effectively. Since that day, John has not looked back and although facing new life challenges has learned to turn them into opportunities for growth, and he has come to appreciate several valuable lessons.


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