Dr. Joy Kong Is A One Woman Revolution in Stem Cell Therapy.

Dr. Joy Kong Is A One Woman Revolution in Stem Cell Therapy.
Dr. Joy Kong is one of a new generation of medical specialists who have learned to incorporate many disciplines to help her patients. Growing up in China, she was able to witness the effectiveness of ancient eastern medicines and treatments, even in her own family, where combinations of herbs and plants were used to cure the most serious of diseases.

Arriving in California, Dr. Kong graduated as a valedictorian from San Francisco State University and completed her medical training at UCLA School of Medicine, with an additional stop at New York University. As she developed her medical philosophy, Dr. Kong became a firm believer in the therapeutic potential of cell therapy and is now practicing advanced cell therapy, including stem cell applications, at her southern California-based clinic.

“I was always looking for an opportunity to combine different disciplines and treatment methods,” explains Dr. Kong. “I believe in rejuvenating a person from the inside out. That’s a very powerful approach to healing and applies to chronic conditions as well as anti-aging techniques.”

Now, with over 15 years of professional experience in the healthcare industry, Dr. Kong has proven herself as an accomplished practitioner who employs all the medical disciplines at her disposal to help her patients live longer and healthier lives.

“I believe that integrated cell therapy addresses all the underlying causes of most diseases,” Dr. Kong explains. “So we look at the lifestyle and diet and I order an extensive number of tests to help get to the root cause of the problem. These usually go much further than the typical blood tests ordered by a doctor. I will check for macronutrients, vitamin and mineral levels, inflammation, amino acids, the level of anti-oxidants, and hormone levels. This covers about 90% of  everything in terms of body functions and cell health.”

Once the patient has been thoroughly analyzed, Dr. Kong can then determine the best treatment to revitalize and rejuvenate the specific condition. “Most of my treatments involve IV therapies,” says Dr. Kong, “but I have also become specialized in the use of stem cells. The potential for the use of stem cells in regenerative medicine is huge.”

It’s in the area of stem cells that Dr. Kong has been doing her most innovative work. These stem cells are effective at promoting healthy, vigorous cells in the body, but as we age, the number of stem cells available to help do the healing work deteriorates greatly.

“Stem cells can calm inflammation, can balance the immune system and can also repair damaged cells and scar tissue. When you hear the term ‘bone marrow transplant,’ that’s a form of stem cell therapy,” says Dr. Kong. “The body produces these cells naturally, especially when we are young, so it isn’t like I’m putting something into the body that isn’t natural. These cells are the designated cells of regeneration in the body.”

Unable to find the quality of stem cell treatments she needed, Dr. Kong came up with an innovative formula and her own product line called CharaCore, which has been was selected by an independent research organization to be the product of choice in a large nationwide IRB-approved clinical study on the effect of stem cells on osteoarthritis. “This product contains about 20% of the most effective mesenchymal stem cells, and my patients have been getting wonderful results with this treatment,” says Dr. Kong. “This is the closest thing we have in terms of a so-called ‘fountain of youth.’ I am the only medical professional I know who is using this kind of integrated cell therapy, and so much suffering and even death can be alleviated through the use of these treatments.”

Dr. Joy Kong was just recently selected as Top Doctor of the Year in Stem Cell Therapy by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for her outstanding leadership and commitment to the profession. She remains actively engaged in clinical research on stem cell therapy and is a triple board-certified physician by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, American Board of Addiction Medicine and American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.


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