Dr. Paul S. Inselman, Business Strategist, Millionaire Maker Getting National Attention

Dr. Paul S. Inselman, Business Strategist, Millionaire Maker Getting National Attention
Dr. Paul, CEO of Creative Marketing Institute, Academy of Creative Marketing, and Creative Coaching, LLC is the recipient of the outstanding coaches award in 2014, 2015 and 2016 and 2017. He professionally strategizes and coaches with startup companies, small businesses and fortune 500 executives especially, is that he helps create millionaires.

Take for example a chiropractor that wants to stand out in the marketplace or a dentist. Dr. Paul helps businesses get more leads by first creating that market-dominating position. The next thing that he does is use the conversion equation, which is to interrupt with your headline. Then engage, engage is the sub-headline. Then you educate people. You educate them on why your market dominating position is better than everybody else. It positions you to be the best and then your compelling offer. 

Dr. Isleman went on to say, “Why would somebody want to use me for my services? And the answer is simple. I’m not going to give you platitudes of telling you how great I am. I’m going to prove to you why we are different and in my opinion better than our competitors and the reason is because we have a full online academy that teaches all of these things that we’re talking about in a video format if the business owner listens to me, I have never seen a business or a business person that I could not help grow.”

Dr. Paul and his team help clients create custom plans that are going to get them from point A to point Z.  He gets on the phone each week or a couple of times a week with his clients, and he helps them to deploy their plan. He holds them accountable to doing the things that they say they’re going to do. They have already created 4 millionaires this year alone.

Paul added, “It’s something that’s exciting because when you give somebody financial freedom and you couple that with freedom of time, in other words, time to enjoy their money, time to enjoy their family. I’ll tell you, there is no greater feeling on the planet for me.”

He’s the author of “How to Create Financial Freedom Through Marketing Your Business”, which can be found on Amazon.com

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