EdTech Start-up Mastery Portfolio Seeks to Disrupt Traditional Grading System Proving Standards-First Grading is the Future of Education

Mastery Portfolio, a growing, Columbus-based Edtech start-up built by teachers for teachers, has a mission to revolutionize how grading, reporting, and thereby, learning is done in schools. Mastery Portfolio, an investor-backed company, seeks to disrupt the concept of traditional grading that seeks to rank and sort children based on point and letter-based systems to a standards-first and mastery-focused model. To meet the growing demand for their product, the company has added Starr Sackstein, a nationally renowned author, speaker, and educational thought leader as Chief Operating Officer and Partner. She will lead the expansion of the support team for schools and help accelerate company growth.

Mastery Portfolio helps schools build a roadmap and implement innovative grading schemes in their classrooms through their software and professional development workshops facilitated in-person and virtually. Their system is designed to improve education practices and break down barriers to standards-first grading, an innovation in education that focuses on learning and helps students increase achievement.


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