Embracing a Higher Consciousness: Insights from Suzanna Kennedy

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In an enlightening conversation with Kathy Mason from Mason Works Marketing on Conscious Business Zone, Suzanna Kennedy, an esteemed Ascension coach, shared her profound journey and transformative insights that are reshaping how we understand personal and spiritual growth.

A Journey of Transformation

Suzanna’s story begins over two decades ago in Detroit, Michigan. While working as a consultant in the auto industry and enjoying professional success, she felt an inner void – a sense that her life was meant for a different purpose. This realization was the start of her transformative journey.

Her path took an extraordinary turn one morning with a mystical experience, described as a fiery and electric energy running up her spine. This experience was not just physical but deeply spiritual, marking the beginning of her expanded consciousness. It led her to question her identity and realize her true, expansive nature beyond the ego. Driven by a newfound mission, Suzanna embarked on a quest to shed her ego and embrace her higher self. This quest led her to Sedona, Arizona, and eventually to Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands. Here, she developed her unique approach to healing and spiritual growth, combining her experiences and insights into effective practices for others.

Tools for Transformation

Kennedy emphasizes the importance of clearing subconscious programming and emotional baggage. She developed the “Emotional Mental Detox Program” and later, the “Sacred Union Reprogramming Course.” Suzanna identifies six core issues common to all: distortions in understanding male and female energies, fear, pain and sorrow, judgment and guilt, and the feelings of lack, limitation, and separation. Her approach aims to transmute these issues through the power of love and higher frequencies.

A significant aspect of Kennedy’s work is ‘Reality Crafting.’ This concept revolves around creating the frequency matrix for desired life aspects and addressing any resistance. This method empowers individuals to manifest changes rapidly and align with higher frequencies of existence. Suzanna’s vision extends beyond individual transformation. She speaks of a collective shift from a 3D to a 5D reality, where humanity embraces a higher consciousness, harmony, and co-creation. Her Amazon Best selling book, “Sacred Union: Ascending to a 5D Paradise,” is not just a narrative of her spiritual journey but a guide filled with practical tools for spiritual awakening. Her journey underscores the potential within each of us to transcend our limitations and embrace a more fulfilled, harmonious existence.

Kathy Mason

Kathy Mason is an Amazon Best-selling Author, Speaker, Host of the FBLive show Conscious Business Zone, and Online Sales Specialist who works with Conscious Companies to help them grow. She is psychic and intuitive and can see your Soul Mission and help you create that vision now.
Through her company, Mason Works Marketing, she lovingly supports her clients as a seasoned interactive strategy coach and implementer, with a solid background in developing products and publicity across all digital platforms; Internet, TV, Mobile, In-store Marketing, and Social Networks. She is a high energy cause-marketing expert with over twenty years of expertise at rolling-out cutting-edge strategies for business building communications, implementation, training, and book or e-book publication.