Empowering People to Change Their Lives Made Silja Thor a Bestseller

Few people understand the positive power of reinvention better than entrepreneur and mentor Silja Thor. Having battled through financial ruin during the crash of 2008, all while extricating herself from an abusive ex, the stress she faced sent her to rock bottom. But, if there’s one thing that experience taught her, it’s that necessary reinvention often doesn’t come about until it’s forced out of you. In the end, her circumstances led her towards amazing clarity and a quest for self-fulfilment. She has since shared the details in a powerful new book that quickly became an international bestseller in multiple categories on Amazon.  

She wants people to know that, while her situation contributed to a mental breakdown, ultimately it became a catalyst for the change she sorely needed to make. For so many years, she had forced herself to work long hours for little reward and wound up in relationships with the wrong men. But it wasn’t until the darkest time in her life arrived that she realised that these habits just weren’t workable. Sharing her words of wisdom, she asks readers to dig down deep and ask themselves how they can reclaim their narrative. With this potent and energetic call to action, it’s little wonder the book has resonated so widely.  


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