Executive Coach, Leadership Expert and Professional Speaker Carolyn Maue Dominates Several Amazon Best-seller Lists with ‘Gourmet Leadership ’

With the Great Resignation underway, executive coach Carolyn Maue is on a mission to help leaders at all levels harness their passions and experiences to retain top talent and become more effective. Her debut book, “Gourmet Leadership: Turn Up the Heat on Your Secret Sauce!” provides a needed solution to employee burnout and turnover with eight fundamental ingredients all leaders need to be successful.

Popular because of its compelling cooking metaphor, “Gourmet Leadership” quickly climbed to No. 1 on nine Amazon best-seller lists and took top ranking on 13 “hot new release” lists in business management and leadership categories after its release late last month.

Inspired by interviews with chefs and food experts across the country, Maue wrote her book during the pandemic, comparing leadership traits between the best-in-class executive chefs and best-in-class leaders from any industry. The result is a delightfully creative approach to a serious dilemma in people management: a lack of access to critical leadership training, resulting in leadership mistakes, lost opportunities and a lack of effectiveness, all impacting employee engagement and retention.


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